Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Desk Doesn't look Too Messy...does it?

See, I'm creating and it isn't too messy yet...note, yet is the key word.  I stopped to take this photo before I forgot and cleaned up.  Trust me, by the time I finish making two cards, you will not see the top of the desk.  What I'm making will go live on 9/1/2014 so, hidden under the rubber stamp is the beginning of the card.  A hint, could be a Christmas Card or two.  Another hint, could be on Sparkles Christmas Challenge. 

Nuff said.....so, what do you see?  My electric die cutter, some sticky embossing powder that is supposed to be perfect to use with gilding flakes.  I haven't used it yet, but I hope it does work as advertized.  Then there is a bag of things I cut off last years Christmas cards.  I am hoping to upcycle them at some point.  Paper pieces, paper cutter, glue, my iPad, an Iris foled star that I made several years ago, just can't part with it.  And stuff.  So now you know what's on my desk....so what's on yours? 

I am heading over to shamelessly share my work desk with the world.  I stand loud and proud.  Not because it's a mess, but because I am actually creating something!  How about you get creative and hop over to get all the how's and why's from Ms. Julia. 

Out I go to have a look around and see who is messy and who is way too neat!
Until next time....Hugs from me to you,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. I love recycling cards to use them again.

    Hope you have a lovely WOYWW
    Sue 25

  2. ah Mary loving to see your creative space.. and yes can see some good pieces for upcycling there.. great share!! hapy WOYWW Shaz in Ozx. #10

  3. No, your desk isn't too messy. I upcycle my old Christmas cards into postcards. Looking forward to seeing the completed cards. Amazed at how many desks have Christmas cards on them this week! Diane #32

  4. Hi Mary, happy WOYWW, I see a creative desk and a super idea to recycle Christmas cards - there are some very lovely ones that are hard to part with so re-using is a great idea. Enjoy your week Robyno#24

  5. Even the desk top is colour coordinated with the secret card, nice touch...cant wait to sew what it turns out to be
    Bridget #6

  6. "NO".......LOL My desk looks like that during card making but l wouldn't say it was too bad Mary xx

  7. Standing loud and proud with you. I love your desk and what is on. I so do save the last years paper leftover from the cutting, but I just start last year with this in a very slow process, so thank you for sharing.
    Kind regards

  8. Hi Mary, your desk isn't messy at all - I've seen worse, much worse, and in my own craft room too :) Hope the embossing powder works for you ... look forward to hearing how you get on with it. Hope you have a great week. Elizabeth x #46

  9. Your desk isn't that messy at all it looks organized with everything in contained spaces I've never tried to use sticky embossing powder with gilding flakes look forward to hearing if it works out well
    hugs Nikki 12

  10. hi grammy
    no is the answer not too messy....... i dont even think a creative deskcan be too messy....
    have fun with what ever you are making
    janet #8

  11. I don't think your desk is messy at all, you can still see part of the surface LOL!
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 34

  12. One way to tackle a big mess, get a bigger table! haha That doesn't really work. Whatever the space it just creeps all over. Makes me wonder if we had giant desks would we really cover the whole thing? I say YES! I love all your pretty papers. Can't wait to see the Christmas cards!

    Thanks for sharing,
    xo Tam Hess #61

  13. Hi Mary, your desk really doesn't look messy, and you can tell if you look at mine!

    Cazzy x #76

  14. Hello Mary. Yes, I have a similar bag of last year's cards... might even get around to using some of them.
    No mess on your desk - just busy creativity.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #17

  15. teeeheee...I have a bag like that too. I am such a cheapskate that i do not want to throw away anything lovely!

    I will watch for your cards on Sprinkles!

  16. Hi Mary,
    can you please email me as I have something I would like to ask you.
    My email address is on the top of my blog, where it says contact me in Pink
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  17. Hi Mary,
    no your desk doesn't look messy at all.
    I wish mine looked as tidy.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.


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