Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Karen

Good Morning,

This post is a bit late....I do want to say Happy Birthday Karen! To celebrate, a few of us got together and took Karen to lunch. Ok...more like we took lunch to Karen at our favorite place, PSB'm not sure how "young" Karen is, but I think she is probably around 23 (Karen, am I your favorite?)

Karen's card was made using Sarah Milne's - Cape Town Table Bay Floral from Scenic Route Paper Company. I also used DCWV Classic Red Checks. The flower and the rhinestone embellishments are from Heidi Swapp. The sentiment is from my computer.

I love birthdays. Not because someone is gaining a year, but because each birthday marks another reason to celebrate the life of the celebrant. I firmly believe that the world changes at the birth of each person. I know my life has been made better by the births of my friends.
This week, I caught a nasty cold. I'm blaming my husband...though he's not buying it. I haven't felt this crummy for a long time. Thankfully I am almost over it. Let's hope this is the worst illness I'll run across during this entire cold/flu season....When I don't feel like making a card....I'm sick!

Adding another of the lights in my photo booth blew out. I had to order replacement bulbs. I've got to say.....I received them in less than a week. Gotta love the Internet!

Off I go for now. Today is Virginia's Birthday. I'll post her card later....

Have a great Friday....see you soon!


  1. Hi Mary! This is such a beautiful card! I know she loved it! And I am glad you are feeling better!

  2. Hey Mary
    I Love your card. You take care of yourself and get well soon. Sure miss you.

  3. I'll be copying this design too! My sister in laws birthday is next week! Better get busy. What font did you use?

  4. I used the Art Decco 780 font....sorry it took so long to comment...I'm glad you like the card. It was fun to make.


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