Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let It Snow and The Cost Of Postage.

Good Morning,

It seems that lately a lot of conversation concerns the cost of mailing. With Christmas on the way, many people are making a list and checking it twice....not to see who is naughty or nice, but to see who might appreciate a handmade card, especially since it will probably require extra postage.

In the past month (or two) I participated in a blog challenge and I thought that card just might fit the, with a few modifications, I created the card above.

Now for the sad news: I have discovered that if you have anything other than a letter, you are going to pay more. Why? I really don't know. I've been to 3 different post offices and have gotten 3 different explanations. The men at my local post office know I make hand made cards. When I hand over the card they feel the envelope to see if they feel a bump of any kind...If they find one, they do the happy extra postage dance. If I go to another relatively local post office, they try to bend the envelope. If it doesn't have the consistency of a wet noodle....they do the happy postage dance. The third post office has a hard piece of plasticish material with a slot. If the envelope doesn't fit through the guessed it....happy extra postage dance. I then went to the web....the calculate postage section shows graphics. You pick which category you think your card fits into. My card happens to weigh 1.1 oz - if I say it is a letter the cost will be 61 cents. If I say the envelope does not bend it is now 81 cents. Keep in mind the size, the weight and the shape are the same. What's with that? I was told by a friend that she was told that the postal equipment for cancelling won't accept items that won't bend.

Ok, now, if I am standing in front of the postal clerk and I ask the postal clerk, who is being paid by the hour, or the week, to hand cancel my card....there is a charge for that. Tell me, why? I've already purchased the postage and I'm not wanting to break their cancelling I ask them to please hand cancel. With the rules in place....I think I should be paid for being considerate! Think of all the work I'm saving them. Now they don't have to clear out the machine!

I absolutely love my postal clerks and my mail carrier....I am sure they did not make the extra postage rule. It just amazes me that companies that provide a service believe it is necessary to charge for every little thing. Which brings to mind the airlines....If I book my own flight, and print my own boarding cards...I should charge the airline. And why is it If I carry on a suitcase it's free, but if it is stowed the bag in the belly of the plane...I pay? And here's a real gripe....People who don't want to pay the fee for the luggage, will drag their heavy bag through the narrow aisle, and not be able to find over-head storage....they have their bags taken by the flight attendant and they don't pay. What's with that? What ever happened to service?

I am climbing off my soap box and peddling my behind to the post office to mail a 1.1 oz letter/card/who knows what it will be!

See you later...come on over for coffee.....I won't even charge you for two lumps of sugar :-)

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