Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Operation Write Home Is a GREAT Success!

The day for we card crafters to show our dedication to Operation Write Home arrived and we were ready to meet the challenge. If you want to read a wonderful article written by Elizabeth DeAlwis of the Paradise Post, click here Elizabeth came just as we were beginning. We could see she was genuinely interested in the program, and her article reflects her interest. Below is our photo story.......

I'm not very photogenic....but I decided to take some photos while I waited for the card makers to arrive. I took a photo of myself....how could I look anything but beautiful surrounded by such a lovely display.
This photo is of Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, during the calm before the girls arrived to begin their creating frenzy.
Karen (owner of PSB) and Anna, a High School Senior who chose this project as her Senior Project. Karen and Anna are making final preparations for this exciting day. Anna will be leaving in August for Basic Training in South Carolina. She's such a sweet heart. We hope she keeps us updated and if she sends us her address....we'll be sending cards to her.

Patti, Cathy and Virgina are the first to arrive. Each had a plan and the cards they completed were WONDERFUL!

Vonnie is new to card making. She made a beautiful card and I could see her confidence growing with each card she made.

Elizabeth from the Paradise Post arrived and took photos of the girls busy at work. She interviewed Karen, Anna and I and she's the one who wrote the beautiful article. Too bad my photo doesn't show her face..... I'm holding true to form.....

KNVN TV also dropped by. Note...he has no face...sorry! If you'd like to see the NEWS segment, check this out: Here Look to the left of the page and click on 2010 February 22 - Monday - 5:00PM. If you don't want to watch the entire newscast. The Operation Write Home Segment begins at 10:28 on the time bar.

As the day progressed, other card makers joined in and our little stash was growing!

I'm so proud of all of us.....Our first effort was a great success. I'm thrilled that we will be sending so many cards.
Karen and Anna are busy stamping the Operation Write Home Logo on the back of all the cards. They will be packaged an sent by March 2nd. If you have any cards you'd like sent, or would like to know how to start your own group contact Operation Write Home See Karen's Blog here.
A great big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in Operation Write Home.


  1. And where are the pictures of you???? Always the photographer, never the subject. It looks like it was a GREAT DAY...great people for a great cause. I can't wait to see how your group grows :)

  2. Amy....look into the mirror....I'm there! You know how I hate to have my picture taken! Love you....Mom

  3. Well, I know you're in THAT picture..but where are the action shots of you spending my inheritence??? Love, your daughter, Amy ;-)

  4. Amy, since I joined Weight Watchers, I'm so tiny I'm barely able to be seen...As for your inheritence....have you seen the new Webster Papers....oh....soooooo yummy!


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