Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vacation Was WONDERFUL!

We are home! Can you guess where we went? What's amazing about this photo, it was taken from in front of my son's home...which is quite a way from this part of the street.....

Yup.....Lombard Street in San Francisco..... Dee Dee, my life long friend (since pre-school! Actually since our youngest went to pre-school) and I went to San Francisco. Dee Dee flew into Sacramento on Wednesday, we had one card making day and then headed to San Francisco to visit my youngest son, Dan. Dee Dee has always been considered my kid's second mom.

A photo of Dan and I. From my jacket and wind blown hair....you can guess that it's pretty windy and cold. I guess that would be considered a normal day in SF...well, maybe more normal would be to add fog to the mix. At any rate, we took over 500 photos (don't you love digital cameras). I love San Francisco! I love everything about it. Dan is the PERFECT tour guide.

Prior to leaving and upon our return, Dee Dee and I made cards.....She is so quick to learn. Below are photos of what we did. I made the yellow easel card and she made the remaining two. One of her cards is not shown. It is, however, very similar to the the lavender card. She also learned how to make the paper flowers. A trip to Paradise Scrapbook Boutique and to Michaels will allow her to make many, many more cards.

Here we are.....Dee Dee is ready to fly back home. She will be missed, but thankfully we have Skype to keep us sharing what we are doing from many miles apart.

Today it's back to daily living....which I think should include laundry....ack! Have a great week!


  1. Love your vacation pictures! So fun to look at! Looks like you and Dee Dee were very productive! Great cards.

  2. Any city would be wonderful where our children live! We're hoping to visit our daughter in Prague next week IF British Air isn't on strike, as threatened. We haven't seen them since last October, so I'm hoping the airlines get their act together in time for us to go.


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