Saturday, October 23, 2010

Princess Bridget

My crafty little four year old grand daughter is coming for Christmas. When I last saw her, I'd helped her with a school project and gave her a tiny little album filled with family photos. She was so happy to have it, and so excited to glue and paste, I decided that she needed her very own journal where she could draw, write and color. I've been talking about making this journal with my SOS sisters and Karen started the ball rolling with a "glass slipper". Carolyn gave me hundreds of little sticker shapes, Virginia gave me some Disney papers and I started collecting Disney stickers for her to use in her journal. Last night I cut the papers to 9 by 8 and to the decorative paper I added white paper When I finished cutting, I had about 100 sheets, which now needed to be punched and bound. I used my Bind It All for both. I'd planned on using a white wire for binding, however, I'd gone a bit wild while cutting the pages, that the white wire was too small. I only had a 1 1/4 ring in black and I didn't want to use black. I remembered a wire that I had used during a class I'd taken to use my Bind It All. Well guess what, I had a red wire...I thought it looked better with the book than the black wire did, so, I used it.

Bridget is our little Princess and she'll be meeting the Disney princesses at Christmas....this book I hope will give her fond memories of her visit to America and the time she spent with her American Family. I'll have to tell her about all the Fairy God Mothers that helped with putting this journal together. A special thank you to all......


  1. You will have her giddly with glee when she gets this. A perfect princess journal :) Well done!

  2. Your little princess will cherish this for a life time I'm sure!


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