Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Boy

A little history on this card. My honey and I have a birthday party to go to, and pretty much everyone knows how I hate making cards for men and boys....well guess what, it's a boy and he is one that always teases both of us. (I'm being vague because it's a surprise shhhh.
When I finished the card, I looked at my work space and thought about the tennis ball on my desk. I have to tell you, when I'm making cards, my Doxie is always bringing me balls to throw. Ya, I know, you shouldn't throw balls in the house, but I have to, or I'll never get a card made. So, I normally have anywhere from 1 to 6 balls scattered across the workspace. Here's the little out fielder.
and this is after a busy day of card making and ball playing.....

This card was inspired by Julia. It's a just do it, because it's fun. And because I had need for a card, it was fun to think about the receiver (still secretive) while I made it. I doubt he ever checks my blog page, but just in case! Check out Julia's blog and please leave a comment for her. We all like to know someone out there is looking :-)
Have a great week,


  1. Your card is amazing and your dog is just as cute as can be!

  2. It IS a great card Mary, how wonderful of you to take the Just Do It thingy and well, do it! It works! I checked out your desk last week and saw no funny our babies are. Whenever I was on the phone, my (then) young daughter used to go for my attention by trying to get in the kitchen knife drawer...throwing a ball seems safer!

  3. Hi Mary

    Thanks for calling by my blog and for your lovely comment. Great card here and Doxie is soooo cute :) I'm a Virgo too BTW!! Di x

  4. Now I see why you have the tennis balls. What a great picture of the dog and the ball. We have two dogs and I just love them to bits. One of them loves to fetch and keeps us all very busy!


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