Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is It Wednesday Already?

I can't believe it's 8:00 PM already. Goodness, where did the day go? It started at 8:30 AM at the doctor's office. Just a check in to see that my cholesterol and BP is coming down and both are within acceptable range. I am happy to say....All is well in this old gals body...

So here it work space for today. Check out my cyber friend's work desks HERE

I've been working on my grand daughter's birthday card and envelope. I finished the card on Saturday (see post) and was waiting for my order from ClearBags to arrive. I love the clear boxes decorated with a band. My order arrived today and I stopped everything to finish Bridget's card and envelope, hoping to finish before the post office closed. I made it...
I'm almost done putting my taxes together...I guess I should get back to it. I just looked out the's snowing...I live in California....I don't want snow! I hope this isn't a repeat of 1989 when we got 3 feet...and guess was President's Day Weekend.
Have a great week...see you all next Wednesday.


  1. So happy your #'s are in good range! Love your card... as usual a beautiful work of art! Snow in California... oh my!

  2. So happy you passed your the drs do hope the snow has stopped falling.Your card is absolutely stunning im sure she will treasure it!
    Happy WoyWW hugs judex:)22

  3. Very nice work space. Love the space. Your card is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #30

  4. You're right , the snow is .lovely, but I'm sure enough is enough! Love how your materials are organised. I'm rather 'out of sight, out of mind' so I like things labelled and in view. Thanks.

  5. Lovely craft space and stunning card for your granddaughter ~ Nicky no.6

  6. Snow? Oh no Mrs, send it away, I do not want my California dreams shattered! Glad your doctor check was good - what a good 'old gal' you must have been - made me chuckle! Love the view across your desk - that paper rack with the collections in...oh yummy!


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