Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guess What Today Is....Hint....Wednesday

Good Morning....well, it's Wednesday and that means....It's time to show the world what your work desk looks like....Check out those who are playing along this week. I thought I'd start by showing one of the results.....
Then I'd move right into the desk. Now....this below photo is where I moved because my craft room somehow turned into a dumping ground...So, below is where I moved to make the above card.
And this is why I moved.....
In fairness to me....I have been busy this week, I taught a class on Tuesday of last week, and between then and now, I've been in creating mode for my March class, as well as yesterday I spent the day with friends playing at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, the second Tuesday is our SOS day where we take whatever we want to work on and spend the day with friends exchanging ideas, sharing our toys and laughing.
When I came home, I found the nice mailman had delivered my order from Crafts U Love. Well I couldn't get started soon enough playing with the new embossing/cutting folders. Let me tell you, they are amazing! So, today it's the day to clean my craft room, which is where I am headed next.
Until later....have a most wonderful week, to all my friends in the mid-west and east....hang in there, spring is bound to come soon....
Hugs to all,
AKA: Glitter Grammy


  1. Oh my goodness, Mary, this is one BEAUTIFUL card!! WOW, I absolutely love butterflies and you my dear, make the most beautiful butterfly cards!! Hugs, Sabrina

  2. OMGosh what a beautiful work of art! Your craft room is amazing.... not bad at all!

  3. What a lovely project - and one busy craft space!

    Happy WOYWW - Sheena #141

  4. What an awesome craft space! Beautiful card too!

    Katie (149)

  5. It's the craft goblins glitter grammy, they get up to no good when you go out to teach and then you can't even unpack before having to tidy up! Fab card, great colour.

  6. What a busy craft space. I love it! So many wonderful things to play with!

  7. Wow, what a great crafty space, when i saw the second picture I thought you don't have much stash then I scrolled down and saw the rest lol.

  8. Mom, some day you're going to have to take a picture from the other corner so it shows the closet and cabinets. Hard to believe that used to be my bedroom...hehe Guess I can't move home now! Love ya!

  9. Wow that is a stunning card so beautiful - love your craft spaces even the untidy one lol ~ Nicky no. 9

  10. What a stunningly beautiful card the white on white is breathtaking. Your craft room looks like mine after I get done with a class! Takes a couple says to get it back to order. Thanks for sharing with me

  11. My stamping table looks like a tornado hit it, but I still know where everything is. The rest of the room stays neat while I'm working because I have a place for everything in baskets, drawers and other appropriate containers. The whole idea of having a stamping room is so you can leave projects out while you're working at them, right?
    Your card is beautiful!

  12. you know anything about a "Jersey Girl", who may, or may not have sent a lovely Valentine card to me....I think you may be Guess Who....

  13. Could be, but I'm not the kind of girl to stamp and tell! (lol)

  14. OMGosh time just got away from me this week. Now I can't remember where I've been. The columns look Sorry to be so late visiting. Maybe I will just still till the next WOYWW...lo

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs,Lucky #2 Marjo


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