Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is It Christmas Yet?

I know....don't push it, Christmas is 9 months away, but hey, can anyone start to early? I have to tell you, this card was a fun card to make. It's too big for any of my envelopes, but it would fit into a 9x12 with lots of room to spare. Or....I could make an envelope, any suggestions? Yesterday, I was on YouTube looking for instructions for the Twisted Easel card. There are several videos there. When....What to my wandering eye should appear, but a double twist card with a center so dear! Ok...that's my creative writing for the morning! From YouTube, I went directly to Kimmy's Kards blog page. This gal doesn't make anything that isn't gotta check her site out! And...she makes video instruction. Something I'd like to try one day, oh need a video recorder of some sort (1st item on my Christmas list).

Yesterday it was Brenda and my play day. And play we do. It started out with a phone call to her's snowing here are we still on? She's from the valley and snow isn't her thing... as it is not mine either :-) Richard told her to park in town and he'd go pick her up....she was thrilled, as was I. We had a great day of staying inside like two first grade girls with our coloring pencils, scissors and glue....So, as always....Brenda, thanks for a great day.

Today I'm on to a birthday lunch with the girls, we're celebrating two, Happy Birthday Rita and Cathy. I'll post their cards tomorrow.

Until then.....have a most wonderful Sunday. It actually looks like we might have a day with little or no rain. It seems like it's been forever since our last day of sunshine.

Hugs to all,
Mary AKA: Glitter Grammy


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