Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WOYWW-93 - It must be Wednesday

I took this photo even before pouring that's dedication. Notice there are no photos of me taking the photo. I don't want to frighten anyone. This is what my desk looked like when I went to bed on Tuesday night and nothing has changed. I know it doesn't look too productive this morning, but it will be. So here it is for WOYWW-93. I've had a busy week creating Christmas cards....I know, it's 9 months from now, but my goal is 1 a week. I'm behind, but trying to catch up. Check my previous days and you'll see what I've created this week.

We've had some storm damage an my husband has been busy taking out some badly damaged trees and cleaning up branches from others. Yesterday while out looking at his work, I came across this... and decided to run inside and get the camera. See anything?
Keep looking.....

Our neighbor's cat was playing lion. She has been hiding in the branches for the past few days. She is hiding from the birds....the word is out though....all the birds stay far enough away to not be caught by the hiding "lion". I think she's a bit put off that I found her.

My dogs decided to sleep in this morning....I guess I should get busy before Sydney gets up and needs to play ball.

Have a productive week....see you next Wednesday.



  1. Lovely coloured images on your desk and WOW what gorgeous Christmas cards you have made this last week, they are beautiful.
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #73

  2. Super images - and what a naughty puddy tat! :) Di x

  3. Oh my heavens . . . at first I thought it was a baby calf. What are the tennis balls for?

  4. Sherry, check out March 9th. You'll see why :-)

  5. Very busy desk. Love the images and cards. Thanks for sharing the pic of the cat excuse me LION! Vickie #52

  6. How fun to have your join WOYWW! I found your blog listed on Alisons Stampin When I Can new blogs to discover. I am a WOYWW addict too!


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