Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Christmas In July

Much as we don't want to think about Christmas being right around the's closer than we think. I've always tried to do Christmas in July card classes and this July is no different.
Here are the cards I'll be teaching in July....The class is already nearly, if you are interested, you might just want to call Karen soon. This class will have lots of hands on....'ll be cutting everything. So, come on time: 1:00 and plan on this class lasting about 3 hours. The purpose of this class is to make cards that won't cost an arm and a leg to mail. I think these will fit the bill.

Karen has some great can check it out on Facebook, and soon on her blog page. Here's the link to Facebook. Here's the link to her blog page: Here. I've put my nose prints all over the windows and the building is amazing. I can hardly wait to see what she does with it. Lots more room for those great crops and classes. Karen will be missed in Paradise, but it's only a short drive...and I plan on making it often.

Off I go for now......this time....I really am going to go pull some weeds :-)



  1. That is such a different style for Christmas, but I like that card a lot.

  2. ho ho ho, look at you !!
    Keep smiling and creating

  3. Beautiful GF! You will be so ready for Christmas!


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