Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is Imitation the best form of flattery? I hope so!

I've been drooling over one of Sherry's cards (in truth I've drooled over many of them) and since I have the same card stock, I thought I'd give it a try. Below is my version of Sherry's beautiful Graphic 45 - Once Upon a Springtime collection card.

And here is Sherry's.......

I have to say, Sherry has really made me begin to think out of the box. She is one of the best and when it comes to creating flowers from paper....she, in my book, is the best. If you haven't checked out her tutorials.....I'd strongly suggest you do. Sherry, if you see this post....THANK You for all the inspiration.

I have a fairy princess in my family.....and I think this card will end up being sent to her. Of course after I've gazed upon it for several weeks! :-)

I said in an earlier post that I needed to get out and pull some weeds....I guess they are still waiting! Maybe I should tidy up my craft room first...and then I'll need lunch...and then, and then.....

Have a wonderful Wednesday.....

Hugs from you!


  1. Oh my BADness! Your card is gorgeous!!!!

    I love to make my flowers . . . isn't it fun to just sit and play molding and rolling petals?

    Okay I didn't mean that I thought it was bad that your card is gorgeous. I meant oh my BADness that I saw myself on your blog . . . my head is swirling. I'm so flattered

  2. Sherry, thanks so much for your kind words. You REALLY are a talent and it's fun seeing what you do and trying what I see.

  3. OMGosh Mary... what a beautiful work of art! So stunning and elegant! I'd let the weeds wait... LOL!

  4. Very pretty to both of you!


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