Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank You Lei

I made this card for an angel, one I've met only through email and on the telephone. She works for Making Memories.  A week ago I was attempting to order a part for my Making Memories paper trimmer.  Cyber space was not cooperating and no matter how hard I tried, my order would not go through.  I emailed the company and that's when I met Lei.  She was most helpful, and though I probably sounded like a crazed woman, she remained calm and told me all would be well.  And guess in the mail arrived my order....and a special treat.....So, thank you Lei.  My Making Memories paper trimmer is a favorite.  I'm sooooo very happy to have her back in tip top shape.  For those who are not familiar with the trimmer...below is her photo. 
I've had this trimmer for about 8 years and "she" is an important part of my craft tool family.  If there is a customer service award (and there should be) Lei certainly should receive one.  Thank you Lei for going above and beyond. 

A bit about the card I made for Lei.  I'm in a use scrap mode (thank you Di).  Some time ago I decided to change the way I save scraps.  When I finish a project, I keep all the scraps with the collection of papers...then when I need them, they are all together and they all go together.  Makes my card making much easier.....I made a card quite some time ago and I really liked it.  Today when I was thinking about papers for Lei's card, I remembered my scraps....and now you know the rest of the story!

Last week, I was making a card for Di's scrap challenge and also for the Rudolph challenge.  Well guess what.  I had scraps left from the scraps.....and I made this card from what was left over.  I have two full sheets of card stock left and I'm feeling a need to hoard them.  If anyone knows where I can get more PLEASE  let me know....It's BoBunny Gift of Love and is from 2010.  Here's the card:
I'm off it's time for bed and I'm off to dream about what else I can do with scraps.  I hope you find a bit of time to stop by and check out Pixie's Crafty Snippets Challenge .....


  1. Hi Mary - who was first on the swings this week then? What a lovely lady Lei is - and how sweet of you to send her such a gorgeous card. It's so pretty and feminine.

    Your Christmas cards are gorgeous too Mary, my Bo Bunny papers are from 2011 and not quite the same as yours. I've already had a search in the UK online stores for Bo Bunny Gift of Love papers, no success so far but I'll keep looking for you.

    Fab. use of snippets all round - and I'm so pleased your trimmer is fine now :)

    Love, Di xx

  2. Gorgeous cards, I love the large cluster of flowers on Lei's card and such lovely colours :)

  3. Beautiful cards Mary, Great work by Lei, just love those Bo Bunny papers!!! Hugs May x x x

  4. Your cards are lovely Mary. Well done to Lei for her great customer service (which seems to be on the decline)and the gorgeous card. I bought the trimmer a couple of years ago and took it back after about 6 months. It wouldn't cut straight and when I moved my cards on the trimmer they were picking up the silver colour from the cutting bed!!

  5. Isn't it nice to get good customer service? It's almost nonexistent now a days! Beautiful cards my friend!

  6. Oh Mary was a brilliant snippet make.

    I love it.

    A lovely big sentiment, beautiful layout and papers and a gorgeous flower.

    Great to hear of good customer service and also of someone recognising and rewarding it.

    Love Jules xx

  7. That's a beautiful card Mary, I'm sure Lei doesn't get many customers sending her cards. I have a Fiskars rotary trimmer and I'd be lot without it I can tell you!


  8. Mary, those are really lovely cards, and that was excellent customer service you had. I have come across some very good customer service in several different places recently, above and beyond. Some was from the smaller family type companies and some from really big concerns. I always make a point of saying thank you for such good service, but I had not thought of making them a card. xx Maggie

  9. Hi Mary, Have you tried Ebay? Just a thought you might strike lucky. Card for Lei is so pretty and I see you even do the insides of your cards too. Very crafty idea. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Your snippet cards are all gorgeous and you've got a lot of mileage out of the paper you used last week ... sorry, I can't help with a source though, but hopefully you will track it down. Elizabeth x

  11. It is always nice to find someone who still believes in customer service. How nice of you to make a card for Lei. Beautiful cards! Your off the cuff remark about keeping your leftover together has got me pondering an organizational technique that for sure will get me more mileage out of them! Thanks!

  12. Lovely snippet makes Mary. Nice to hear of some good customer service too. Carol x


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