Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It's Wednesday....grab your camera, snap a shot or two and post what you're working on.....Here's my desk(s).  I"m putting kits together for World Cardmaking Day Oct. 5th. 
I moved to the kitchen to start die cutting for 25 kits.  I don't know what I was thinking....10 dies, some of them cut 3 times each, times 25 kits....My right arm won't have any flab when I'm done.  Of course my left arm will still have the giggle....

Here are the partial kits.  4 pages of directions.  I want people to know how to make this card on their own....These are waiting for all the dies to be cut, packaged and added to the kits.....
And this is the beginning of the packing.  Tomorrow I'll be headed to Karen's she's helping me with the die cutting.....I'll show you the finished card on the 21st of Sept. 

It hasn't been all kit cutting, I did have time to play with a Die-namics die.  Karen - Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, sells among many other dies, Die-Namic dies.  I saw one that particularily got me thinking.....It's called Chicken Wire....and yes, it could be cut to resemble chicken wire.  But what I saw was a quilt...what do you think?  Quilt? 
How about now?
I was thinking of my friend Edy when I made this block.  Edy is a very talented quilter and she'd love if I made at least one quilt block...keep in mind, she never specified that it needed to be made of fabric.... So, Edy, this quilt block is for you!  And thank you Mary Jane for keeping me focused! 

Off I go to see what the others have made or are making this week.  Until later....Happy Crafting!

Mary Mac
AKA:  GlitterGrammy


  1. wow I get to leave another first on a post how cool :-) and I have to say I love your name.. I love love love glitter myself. Thanks for the peek and have a great day. Roberta #40

  2. Oh my word you have been busy!
    But many hands make light work...isn't that the saying.
    Enjoy and thanks for letting me visit your desk ;D
    Happy WOYWW
    Neesie #45

  3. oh my, that's an undertaking! you're a one-woman production line!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 38

  4. Oh my you are so busy Mary.... and I DO so love the Chicken Wire Die and I agree it looks like quilt material to me. Cheers RobynO#32

  5. That is an awful lot of die-cutting you have to do.
    I like the hexagon die though it didn't immediately say quilt to me, but I love the quilt block you have made with it. Kate x #61

  6. I love your quilt die and no, I didn't see a quilt in it at all until you pointed it out. I have die like that and it was touted as being hexagons, which are hot right now, but certainly it can be chicken wire as well. I have to say you are very ambitious to make so many kits with so much die cutting for World Card Making day. I should plan some shindig or another for then.

  7. Happy WOYWW!Cute card!
    -Tera #111

  8. What a lot of work you have to do. Love the hexagons. Happy WOYWW Anne x #71

  9. You are certainly busy this week. Love the quilt!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #37

  10. Lots of kits to make :) and that card looks fantastic with the quilt pattern hugs Nikki 5

  11. Morning Mary. Belated Happy WOYWW wishes. WOW - you have been working hard on your kits.

    Sarn xxx

  12. It's always a shock when you start putting packs together when you realise how many times you need to cut things! When I'm teaching on the ships I have to pack for 50 people so I know how you feel! I love the quilt (chicken wire) die. Hugs. Pam#36

  13. Wow that definitely is a good workout for your arms.....your kits look fabulous and I am sure your class will love them. I am loving that chicken wire die and your quilted design looks fabulous. It would be a wonderful background for a more vintage style Christmas Card in those colors too. Have a great week! Danie #62


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