Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Working on Christmas Cards and WOYWW 254

Another Wednesday, which means we are one week closer to Christmas....Only 253 days to go...
and of course it means we share our work desks with the world.....
By now I think the world knows all about Ms. Julia and her sharing place.  But if you don't, here's the how take a photo of what your desk looks like on Wednesday and you upload it to your blog page....then you link here.  Easy no?  Well, it's easy yes!  You don't have a blog page?  Hey, they are easy and free, so I suggest you get one so we can all see what it is you do. 

Now, what's on my desk?  A 7-up can.....crafting makes you thirsty!  A friend shared a sheet of Morehead 3-D images.  I'm working my way through one of them.  There are I think 17 pieces to cut and glue.  I'm at like 9 and that may be as far as I go, the pieces are really getting small!  There are tweezers, and scissors and glue.  My Ott light and glass matt and the little blue object on the left of the matt is my newest tool.  I LOVE tools.  I often purchase them and find out they don't work as I had hoped.  Well this one does.  If you like making your own flowers, this is for you.  I found an additional use for mine.  I used it to emboss the tiny pieces of the image above and (as they say on the TV ads....WAIT, THERE'S MORE!)  I dry embossed the large pieces using the dome piece and a mouse pad. 

I don't know if they are available in your world, if not, let me know,  If you are interested, I'd be happy to get you the info and even handle the shipping (for the actual price to ship.  I'd let you know the price)  if you bought it from Karen.  I can't image they would be too expensive to ship. 

Here's what the tool looks like.....and the flower is one I made using it.  I made it from computer paper and I colored the tips with my Spectrum Noir pens.  There are lots of flower dies you can use to make the flowers.  This one was made using a die I already had.  Punched flowers are perfect too. 
Here's a close up of my flower.....
Well, I'm off to put my card together and play with my new tool and if there's time, I might just vacuum.....the living room.....

Have a crafty Wednesday and see you again soon!

Hugs from my world to yours,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. No housecleaning on WOYWW! :) That is my rule! What a pretty little flower! What an interesting tool. Yesterday at a SU! workshop, I used a little mold that they sell, to make little flowers. There are soooo many tools! We don't need them all, or do we? LOL

    1. Too many tools? Oh Oh....Sharon I just might need to go have a look at that tool too! I have to giggle, my husband once asked, what do you do with all that stuff? I replied, I have the same question when I enter your workshop! Needless to say, I've not been asked again! :-)

  2. Vacuum? On a Wednesday? Wash your mouth out, girl LOL!! That flower is so cute. I'd love to see the blue tool in action, to see how it works. Easter blessings, Chris # 31

  3. Beautiful flower, Mary!! Where did you get your tool? They are $25 online I think. Duh Me here, who is Karen? :-) TIA

  4. I think I need to sit down - just the thought of hovering - especially on a Wednesday... Cute tool- but being totally ignorant in the making of these three-D flowers - how does it work?
    Have a special Easter, Mary.
    Margaret #18

  5. Have fun putting together those pieces. I want to give that a go one of these days.. Brigita #58


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