Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oh, where to begin.......

Before I begin, I want to let my friends in the mid-west and south know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  The tornadoes have brought so much devastation to your part of the country.  I pray you are safe.

It's Wednesday and here's what my desk looks like:
Lots of stuff....most needs no explanation, if you are wondering about anything....just ask, I'll reply in the comment section.  And now for the rest of the story.....

I went into my craft room with the honest intention of tiding up a tad.  Well, I spied with my little eye, the red sparkly paper and the Christmas tree I had laying off to the side.  I was  trying to decide what to do to make it a bit prettier.  The next hour is a blur, as my eyes glazed over as I punched little circles from the sparkly paper.  Last week I made a blue card, I think I like it better.  I think I over-decorated this little tree, but, it's still pretty.

So, why a photo of my desk....well, plain and simple, it's Wednesday and loads of us paper crafters, drag out our cameras to take photos of our desks.  Some are neat and tidy, some are showing lots of work going on, and others are piled high with projects in process and projects in the plan.  So, why don't you hop on over to Julia's world and have a look and if you're feeling brave, and I hope you are, why not snap a photo of your world and share it with all of us.  Here's where.... Stamping Ground.   We are up to week 256.  Can you believe it?  Oops....I almost forgot to show you the card....

Like I said, I went to my craft room to tidy up, not mess up....as I was putting things away, I found a silver ornament I'd cut some time ago.  I knew I had one of the silver batch cards I'd been working on and it was in need of a finishing touch....and now this card is finished and it's added to my Christmas card count.....51 and counting.....
I do believe I'll head over and add this to Rudolph Day....tomorrow is the last day to enter this month.  Sarn keeps me keepin on.....Check it out at Stamping For Pleasure.

Keep in mind, I AM cleaning my craft room.  On Monday I decided to take out my bucket of projects that have been sitting waiting to be finished or kits that had snippets left that I planned to make another card,  but never did.  Well, today I managed to finish this one.

  It's left overs from a mini album and also a butterfly that I first made from a piece of gold ribbon that I wondered if I could die cut it.  Well guess what, I could....and then I found a tiny piece of mesh...and I wondered if I could die cut it, and I could.  I then cut a backing of vellum, did some gluing and my butterfly was ready for my snippet card and I do believe this card qualifies for  Mrs. A's Glamorous Butterfly Challenge

Here's the inside....
I've got to say, I outdid myself today, 3 snippet cards, finished and put away.  Ms. Di from Pixie's Crafty Workshop. will be getting a visit from me.  I want to thank Di also for giving me a reason to use up my snippets.   As for my craft room, still not clean, but hey...there is always tomorrow. 

I am off to see what trouble I can find....Maybe I'll go through my snippet bucket and organize it.  Who knows, maybe I can make a few more cards before the week ends.

Take care, happy crafting and I do hope all is well in your world.
Hugs from Northern California,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. well done with the snippets cards.. but Christmas? eek!! have a great week. Helen 9

  2. I love your swirly Christmas tree with red ornaments - such a great modern twist. Happy Wednesday! xJessie #46

  3. I'm very impressed - I don't know about Christmas, but I haven't even started on my ATCs yet. Have a great week, Chris # 15

  4. Snippets and Rudolph Day cards - you ARE doing well Mary.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Just beautiful cards, no you didn't go overboard with the dots I think it is perfect. I am glad some people are getting it together with Christmas cards early, I just wish I had more home time on my hands.

    Thanks for sharing and happy crafting.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 47
    Happy WOYWW

  6. Hello Miss Mary. I had to snigger at the attempt at tidying up! After all it is a craft room, you should be creating mess, lol! Beautiful cards, love the simplicity of the silver and white ones for Christmas and those little pops of red are brill!

    Brenda 72

  7. We all need a little christmas! whenever.
    Dots are always in good taste on my desk.
    thanks for the snoop!
    robyn 34

  8. Clean craft rooms are peeps who don't craft!! My excuse for my messy room, but you may use it!
    Gorgeous cards there Mary. I don't like the fact that you are up to 51! It is only April!
    Hettie 79

  9. I love you tree. It is most certainly not over dressed!! Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Another gorgeous bauble card. I have these Bauble dies and yet to use them so guess I will just take myself off to the naughty step for a bit. hugs Mrs A.

  11. Oh my goodness me reading how you made your butterfly was like a who dunit!
    What a stunning effect. Love the whole card. Thank you for finding the time to flutterby again this #6. Hugs Mrs A. (Butterfly challenge.)

  12. I for one, think th dots look fabulous! Your post a treat...so many cards...and so lovely too!

    The Christmas ones are fab but the snippets card with the butterfly has piqued my interest. Great idea to diecut the ribbon and the mesh...must try to remember that!

  13. Wonderful snippets cards Mary, and the dots are perfect!

    Hugs, Di xx


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