Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WOYWW Number 257

Hello and Happy Wednesday....Of course you know what that means....and if you don't, check it out over on Ms. Dunnit's Blog.    So, that said, here's my desk....
See the rubber mat on the bottom left side?  Well, It's covering something I'm working on for Poppystamps and Twinery in June....I'll show it later.  The rest is stuff that pretty much is always hanging out, with the exception of the ribbon spool, which I didn't put away from another project I'm working on.  Paper bins in the background and my duck, next to the TV.  My duck is soft and cuddly and when things aren't coming together, she is my support.  Kind of like thumb sucking, without the thumb! And there are my stamp cubbies and board with things made by me and others.  Water bottle on the desk because I'm not drinking soda for a week and I'm trying to drink more water.  A few dies, my die cutting machine (one of them) and stuff.  So, now you've seen my desk and I do want to see yours.

So, check in with Ms. Julia Dunnit's blog and play along with us.  I just check in and her desk is very organized this week and she's working on invitations using things from her stash.  Something I try to do to, not make invitations, but use my stash, which by the way needs using.

So that's it for today....I'm off to go cloths shopping, which I really do not enjoy doing.  I don't mind shopping, I hate to try on I buy them because they looked good on the rack or on the faceless wooden model that I think looks just like me...ok, I do have a face.  So, when I get home I realize I'm more size enhanced and I look like a sausage covered in flowers.  Today, I shall try everything on!  I am now reminded of a tie dyed summer house dress I once purchased, because the colors were muted and it had pockets. Good reason yes?   I should have tried it on, because my husband pointed out with a belly laugh that there was a big bulls eye on my behind.....just what I needed, my over endowed asset highlighted!  (Good play on words..giggle!)  He did learn it's not nice to belly laugh at wife's clothing! 

Ok, really this time.....that's it for today,  Have a crafty week.  I'm doing a weekend crop at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique to celebrate National Scrapbook, I'm excited because it's always fun crafting with friends!

Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy


  1. Yep, I have stuff all over my desk I can't show, so didn't even take a pic of it!

    But you'll show us when your finished, yes?

    Happy woyww to you!
    #76 at the moment
    with a Mother's Day pop-up card

  2. Lots of fun stuff to play with on your desk and we all learn the hard way to try clothing on before we leave the store :) hugs Nikki 12

  3. I hate shopping for new clothes too, hope you had some success!! your desk looks great, loads to peak at! Helen 13

  4. Hi Mary - hope you're reading this after a successful shopping trip. I hate clothes shopping, too, but luckily DD1 usually goes with me, and insists I try everything on (a touch of role reversal here, methinks!) Anyway, good luck with drinking less soda - I'm cutting right back on the coffee, as it sets my legs off 'twitching' in bed! Have a good week, Chris # 47

  5. Your desk looks healthy l hate clothes shopping Mary xx

  6. Hullo Mary been peeking around your blog haven't been over for while.. some lovely makes down below..and desky delights here.
    So agree on clothes shopping too Shaz in Oz.x#35

  7. I loved checking out all the fun goodies you have on your work space... :)

  8. Looking forward to seeing the hidden item when possible, Mary. Hope the clothes shopping went well!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #29

  9. I have cut back on soda too, but not the desk stuff!!! ;-) I hate clothes shopping and do most of it online. LOLOLOL Don't ask what I look like most days. :-)

  10. Sorry I am so late visiting not sure where the week had gone so having a quick fly round the desks before we start again, thanks for sharing - Nicky 11


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