Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Birthday

This post is mostly for my friends and family that don't use Facebook....I wanted to share and thank them.

Aren't these youngest sent me a birthday bouquet...and I love it. My very favorite colors....and it screams summer!

Here's the full shot. Taken on our deck.

And here's the ole gal.....65, they say it's the new 55, I'm saying the new 45...ok, maybe not. But what the heck, I feel better than I did at 45....of course my memory may be playing tricks on me!

Look what Sydney gave me....however did she know I wanted tennis balls!

These are the cards from friends and family. Great handmade cards from my group of crafters and fantastic family and friend cards.....

The Silver Stamper folks outdid themselves....I can't believe how many cards I received.

I'll have a photo of the local crafting group....soon I hope, then I'll show you the gals.

My day was spent Skypeing with family, talking on the phone with friends and family, reading emails, blog entries and Facebook entries.....thanks to all of you!

I do want to say thank you to everyone who made my passage to Medicare a smooth one. It's such fun to share my days with you and you all make being 65 fun. I love you all.

Have a fantastic week.

Hugs and love,



  1. What a super post Mary - it made my start to the day happy on your behalf!! I need to come and sit on your deck and craft! Belated love and hugs for your birthday - so glad you had such a terrific time - all those cards should tell you something!

    Great photo of you - you keepin' a portrait in the attic like Dorian Grey huh? Must be!

    Di xxxx

  2. Your bouquet is beautiful, and isn't it lovely to receive handmade cards. Me & my hubby did for ours last week, so belated Happy Birthday to you.Sorry I am late this week, Shaz

  3. You dont look a day older than 35 tee heee, looking great for your age, I hope I look as good as you when I grow up


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