Monday, August 1, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday...on Monday?

This is another one of those weeks that fly by. Just when you think you have hold of the day....not only is it gone, but it's taken 5 more days with it....geez! I took this photo on Wednesday, had all the intentions of posting it immediately....well, you see how that went!

This was how my desk looked in the morning and below is the cover of the album I'm making to take to my son's mother-in-law. She's a sweetheart and I've always wanted to make something special for her. I think I may have bit off a bit more than I can chew.... I'm liking how it is turning out, but goodness, goodness it's taking much longer than I thought it would. When I'm finished, I'll post it.....don't hold your breath though...I'm a long way off.....

You know, I'd probably get more done if I'd quit stopping to take photos of animals and birds.... We've had two cats that have come to visit and they don't seem to be going home. We aren't sure they are homeless, so we have gone door to door with their photos and so far everyone has seen them in the neighborhood, but no one knows who they belong to. If you look at both of their faces, you can see that they are siblings..though one has long and one is short haired. It's taken us weeks to be able to touch the long haired cat and we are a ways away from being able to do the same with the short haired one. They are so cute together and they are always together. We've built an insulated bed on the porch, that has a bench on top for sitting during hot days....We know they can tell time...they show up at 5:30 for breakfast and 4:00 for dinner....

We've even given them original names....the long haired cat is Kitty and the short haired is Kitty Kitty....ok, not so original!

So, note to the neighborhood....if you are reading this and you dumped these precious ones.... SHAME ON YOU! And, if you are looking for your sweet me and I'll make a time you can come to pick them up. the old saying....all comes to those who wait....well for 2 years I've been trying to snap the next photo. This Oriole, or at least I think this is what this bird is.... has been raiding our Hummingbird feeder. She is very wary of movement and, I swear, if I move my arm slowly to reach my camera....she flies. Today I hung the camera around my neck, and the timing was perfect. I had it turned on, I was trying to focus on the feeder and she flew into the frame....So, yet another thing to check off my bucket list!

Enough about animals and birds. I'm going to try to post a total of 3 posts today....note I said, TRY...My next post will be of the re-opening of Paradise Scrapbook Boutique....check it out!

I'm off for now....have a great Monday...

Mary aka: Glitter Grammy

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  1. thanks for the peeks. Lovely store you've got in your area. Nice projects on your desk and the bird is wonderful


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