Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pixie's Crafty Snippets Challenge Number 10

Last night I stayed up way too late, I made the mistake of cuddling up in the recliner with my dog Baxter.  He and I were reading blog posts on my Ipad.  Well, one post led to another and another and another....well you get the picture.  Pretty soon it was 1:30 in the morning and my eyes were begging me to quit.  So, where am I going with this?  I found a pop up card on several blog pages.  I'd seen this card before and put it on my card bucket list, but never did anything with it.  One of the posts linked to a gal at Splitcoast Stampers that had written directions.  Sadly, I didn't write down the who or the where.  Today, I was heading in to clean up a mess in my craft room (imagine that...a mess in a craft room, who ever would have thought!)  anyway....I said to myself...Self, how about trying that card before you clean up your mess.  I thought I'd given myself pretty good, the above card is the finished product.  I made some adjustments because the first card I made didn't fit into the 1/4 fold envelope.  This one does.  I'd been bugging Karen to order me the Bo Bunny card stock and she did.  I'd made one card using a piece (that will be card 1 for May) and used the remaining piece to make this card.  I always seem to have gold snippets laying around, and they were perfect for the ornament and the frames.  I'm almost out of the suede, but there was enough to cut the background for the ornament (barely) and I had a nice strip for the village.  I'm happy!  I think this card turned out rather nicely (ouch, I hurt my arm patting myself on the back). 

While jumping in and out of blogs on my Ipad, I did become a bit frustrated with all the word verifications I had to attempt to put in before commenting on some really great cards.  One of the sites had a gadget that said to turn them off.  I hope mine is, because I'd hate to irritate anyone by leaving it turned on.  It doesn't show up when I'm commenting from my Ipad, so I'm hoping it is turned off....if not, can someone tell me where to go to do so?  On my desktop it's not so irritating, but I gotta tell ya, on my Ipad, it is the pits!  I tried to leave a comment on one gals blog 4 times, never did get the word verification correct.  Ok.....I've vented!

 I'm always excited to see what everyone is creating.  Here's where my card is posted: 

Pixie's Crafty Workshop - Snippets
Christmas Cards All Year Round - Green (two green patterned papers)


  1. Hi Mary

    I've been worried about you! The challenge for last week (no. 9) is closed, we're onto no 10 already! I've linked you into no. 10 though honey :) Lovely card, I do love traditional Santas!

    Agree with you about word verification - hopefully mine's turned off OK.

    When I linked your posting I couldn't home right in on the posting address itself - do you give your postings a title? If you do, then when you click on the title in your published posting it does mean that the URL (address basically) is much better and takes folk directly to the posting itself.

    Does this make sense? Hope you read this week's latest roll call - wait until you see what Mrs A was up to with her pogo stick in the duck pond!

    Love, Di xx

    1. Di, what would I do if you didn't take care of me. I think I was so excited about posting I forgot to give my post a title. Thanks for looking out for me. I now have named this post. I've been a bit under the weather, however, I am up and running once again.

    2. Hi Mary, no worries honey! I've been poking around in the workings of Mr Linky and have now changed your name on the entry list to Mary and the link, when you click on it, will take folk right to your snippets posting. It's having a title that's needed, so well done!

      Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, that doesn't seem like you so I hope you really are fighting fit once again. I suspect it's your back and that's such a miserable pain as Hazel says.

      By the way, your word verification is definitely turned off - so don't worry over that one!!

      Love, Di xx

    3.'s just a nasty cold. I do feel much better and today I'm off to play with friends. My dog will miss me, he and I have had hours of chair time together....

  2. This is a fab card. I know what it's like to sit up till that hour of the morning - I admit I often do it because I find bed so uncomfortable for my back - I'm definitely a night owl! x

  3. Mary I was sorry to hear that you have been feeling poorly, but glad to hear that you are now on the mend [[hugs]].

    I love the card, it is gorgeous and I especially love the vintage Santa, Luv Karen xx

  4. I'm down with a nasty cold. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seems everyone I know in Northern California has been down with the same thing. We've had such a warm winter the cold and flu bugs haven't been frozen out :-) I'm going out to play today for the first time in almost a week. Thanks for the hugs....

  5. Oh yes this word verification is a pain, and I really wish people would turn them off. I hope you feel better soon!

    Your creation is amazing Mary! Just stunning! I hope you have a great week!

  6. That is amazing!
    Good job!
    I really like the detail on the ornament, and the little village is so cute!
    I too dislike word verification!

  7. Gorgeous creation Mary with beautiful details. Glad you had the chance to complete a new project from your, what I would call. a "bucket list". Thanks so much for joining us at CCAYR and sure hope to see you back again. "Hugs"

  8. what a splendid card! thanks for joining us @ CCAYR. x

  9. So pleased to hear you're feeling a bit better now. Word verification was always a nuisance, but Blogger seems to have ramped it up to nigh on IMPOSSIBLE to get right now!

    Love your pop-up traditional Santa card. Well done for having a go at it. Something I've yet to try!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  10. Great Card! Thanks for playing along at Christmas Cards All Year 'Round!

    Good Luck on winning the prize!


  11. Loving your pop up santa card. That word verification is despicable. On my Ipad it predicts the verification word as I'm typing it and drives me nuts trying to correct it. Must admit if I don't get it on the third attempt I leave it and go have a stiff drink instead!!! Fancy that Di telling tales on me!
    Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Thanks for the kind word...I too hate it when my Ipad tries to tell me what I should be typing. I'm thinking my Ipad is a man! And yes....Di is telling tales on you. You'll just have to get one on her. I'm loving the fun I'm having in the playground. So many creative people there.


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