Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WOYWW - 146

As my DH would say....It's Wednesday somewhere and for the next 3 hours it'll be Wednesday here!  So, it doesn't look like a lot is on my desk, but let me tell you about it.  Check out Julia's blog and see WOYWW.... and if you haven't played along...give it a go, it's a great way to get in a creative state of mind!

I spent the day with Virginia and Kathy.  While Virginia was showing Kathy the ins and outs of her new Cricut, I was borrowing Virginia's dies....this is what I punched and as you can see, many little snippets must be removed before they are put on a card.  I'll be working on that as soon as I'm finished posting. finished card today, but hopefully I'll have a snippet card or two to put on Di's blog page.  Thank you Virginia for lending me the dies and I want you to know I had a great day.  I think Kathy is going to be very creative on her Cricut.  I'm looking forward to seeing what she makes. 

A little story...I don't have a Cricut, but I do have an electronic cutter, I bought one a few years ago at a Scrapbook Convention.  I chose this brand because I didn't want to have to purchase cartridges and I wanted it mostly for cutting letters and I wanted a large variety of fonts.  The machine has fulfilled those needs quite well.  A few months back I bought a new computer and I couldn't get the cutter to work.  I kind of forgot about it, being busy with other things.  Well last week I wrote to the company and they put me in touch with an angel named Terri.  What I needed was a new driver and she got me up and running quickly and was SUPER friendly.  So a shout out to Terri and a big thank you to BossKut.  Remember, I said I mostly do letters....I decided since the Cricuit girls were going to be cutting and piecing....I tried my hand at it.  So without further ado....Here's my bunny.  I have one thing to fix on it, but I think it's pretty cute. 

Spring excitement in our yard.  We have a Blue Jay couple feverishly building a nest in a bush outside our home.  I'm not getting my hopes up quite yet.  For the past two years the same thing has happened and both times the couple abandoned the nest, once leaving the eggs and once before they were layed.'s our little couple and the beginning of the nest.  They were considerate enough to build in a place I can easily get photos. 

Beginning of a new home.

Is This Momma?  Or Daddy?  Not sure!
Another shot....of him or her!

Well....I guess I'd best get moving, before you know it, it'll be Thursday......Have a great week!

Hugs to All.....Mary


  1. Hi Mary! Love those die cuts - but most of all I love the birdie! See you in the playground soon I hope :) Di xx

  2. Those are incredibly delicate die cuts, would drive me mad getting all the bits out! Cute little bunny too and I hope the Jays manage to raise their brood this year.

    Brenda 2


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