Monday, January 14, 2013

Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge 107

No Rudolph here.... Check out Hazel's Challenge at Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge.  This is what I did.  Well that Hazel, she has two challenges working.  Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge Extra - Anything Goes.  .How about checking out both blogs and if you've been working on Christmas to both challenges.  After all, it's never too early to make a Christmas Card!
Ahhhh two Christmas cards made for 2013.  Only 78 to go!  Ok, the inspiration for this card came from my friend Cathy.  She made a great little card and I told her that I just might have to "borrow" her idea.  This card is a total scrap card.  Bits and pieces from other cards, from snippets found here and there.  Below is Cathy's card.  I love the blue and I like her tree better, mine is a bit bottom heavy!  But all in all, I think I did a pretty good job of "borrowing".
Thanks Cathy for sharing your great creation.  I'll be posting this on Di's blog as my card is a snippet card for sure.  Check out what the others have done.  And play along... .it's fun, and guess what, it's the inspiration to get a card made.  Hop on over to Pixie's Crafty Workshop

And now on to what's happening in my neighborhood.  Other than it being oh so very cold.  26 degrees F this morning.  That's cold for us, though not as cold as it is in other parts of the country.  My son and family left their home in hot summer Australia and headed to Canada for a ski holiday.  As my daughter-in-law said when I asked how's the weather, she said, "It's bloody cold!"  Ok, a bit off track and now getting back to the photo I'm about to post.  I was watching little critters in our yard and saw this.....
It's a little squirrel, but what's different about this guy?  He should look like this....
But this poor little one has lost his tail.  I've been worried about him because a tail keeps them dry and warm. The cold nights this little one is experiencing must have him very, very cold....but every morning he shows up for breakfast and I look for him every day.  I'll bet he wishes he was a lizard and could grow his tail back!
Well, enough for now, I'm hoping to get my order from Crafter's Companion so I can get my pens in their little holder.  Of course I need to clean off a spot to put them....Maybe I'll have a clean desk to show on Wednesday.

Until later, happy crafting,


  1. G'day Mary,
    I don't doubt your daughter in law is cold...compared to temperatures we are experiencing over here in Australia, Canada would be a shock. lol
    I love your wildlife photos...poor little squirrel. Hope he keeps warm.

    1. I think it will take them all summer to thaw out. I hope you are far from the fires.. We in California know the horrors of wild fires.

  2. Well its snow and snow and more snow here Mary so me and the hubby are hibernating till it goes away LOL bless the poor squirrel having no tail hope he keeps warm. Card is lovely hun xxxx

  3. Totally brilliant card Mary! Poor little squirrel - don't suppose you could knit him a jumper? Hugs, Di xx

  4. Aww, poor widdle squirrwell!

    Love your two Chrimble cards Mary. Good CASE! xxx

  5. Love the way you CASEd Cathy's card - you made such a good job of it - and way to go with using snippets - thanks for entering my CHNC challenge 107 - you could also enter this into my new CHNC challenge extra for January - I'd love to see it there too. X

  6. Thanks for linking for CHNC challenge extra - it would be good if you could include it in your blogpost - thanks x

  7. Pretty cards, I like both colourways. Poor squirrel must have been in the wars to lose his tail, they use it for balance too when they're running through the trees. 26F?? It was 16F when I got to work this morning at 7am, my wet hair froze walking across the parking lot!!


  8. Think I like your red card better. Poor Mr Squirel, must have been in a near miss as someones prey. Hugs Mrs A.


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