Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WOYWW #190 and Snippets Galore

First I'll show you my clean desk.  This is what it looked like on Tuesday morning.....
Pretty tidy I'd say.  I wanted to show my new pen holder from Crafters Companion.  It's neatly holding all my little pens....ahhhhh I am happy to have them in a holder and not in boxes. 
Here's my desk on Tuesday afternoon, evening and early Wednesday morning.  I finished cutting a card and then felt guilty for not fixing a nice dinner for my off I went to put something good together.  I never got back to my desk until this morning.  So, after rising and shining (well rising), and while everyone was still tucked in their beds.  I finished my card.  Here it is....
This is a format I've grown to love.  I've used up several scraps making this card and it always turns out well.  Somewhere in posts gone by I've posted another with this layout.  If you want to go back I'm sure it will be pretty easy to spot. 

If you feel like a walk around cyber space....let those fingers take you to see what Julia's folks are up to.  Check her blog out here:  Stamping Ground can you believe it's WOYWW 190... whew, that's a lot of sharing! 

And, if you've got snippets laying around, and don't we all, pack them in a pouch and head on over to the playground.  Always lots going on there.  Share what you've made from snippets and be inspired by Di and the gang.  Mind you, Di runs a tight ship on the playground, so no running with scissors, and don't let her catch you eating the school glue was wintergreen flavor, oops, I mean... but then how would I know....heavens I would never eat school glue!  Check out Di and the playground pals at Pixie's Crafty Workshop.  Tell them I sent you!

Lots to do today, I guess I should shake a few tail feathers and get moving.  Happy Crafting and see you all soon....Just a little reminder....I look in on your blogs often, I don't always comment, but I certainly am glad you are there to inspire me.  Thank you for being you!

Mary Mac


  1. Ooh, love those heart cards Mary! Your pens look all nice and neat now, so get on with something!

    Brenda 105

  2. Love this Mary, your blog post made me chuckle! I need some pen holders but then again I'm always needing something as the hubby puts it lol hugs xxx

  3. Your pens are looking good in their new home and the card is really lovely
    Ria #92

  4. The pens look swell corralled and tidy!

    Love the heart cards...they are so beautiful!
    Your stacked snippet card is a great idea.

  5. Such pretty cards.
    That storage is a great idea. I use plastic pots from ikea.
    Happy WOYWW
    Alison #100

  6. Hi Mary

    Fabulous use of your snippets and your desk looks super organised.

    Loving the look of the heart easel cards too.

    Have a great day.

    Love Jules xx

  7. I love the look of your card AND your desk Mary.

    Happy Belated WOYWW!

    Now go shake some tail feathers! See you on the swings later xxx

  8. Your space looks most tidy, and it's an inspiration to me, as to what I am trying to achieve. At least I'm getting my S/Binders under control - a bit. Love the way your markers are arranged & stored. I have one of the acrylic bins that was purchased when copics first started as being the 'in thing', but find it is not working for me, so it's going to get sold. I love your triple layer card too. That is another technique I keep saying "Gotta do that", printed out the dimensions, which is another thing on my desk. Your colors on that card are great... On the napkins, perhaps we can exchange a few. I get mine at Tuesday Morning (not sure if that store is out West), so I could put as many of a stack as you'd like in a mailer envelope. Postage should not be too bad! You gave me a great idea also, perhaps I'll include a few of the napkins in my 'candy' that I'm getting ready to give away soon. Thanks for looking in, and if you will leave a comment with your snail mail, I won't post the add, but send you some napkins. Can also take pics of the napkins so you can say yea or nay. I have a couple sets...not many, many. Was trying to 'pace myself' and not buy every napkin that I see. Our local Tuesday Morning has these small ones for $2 - $3 per set. Hugs & have a great day.

  9. Oh WOW - a stunning card Mary, so elegant!!

    Belated Happy WOYWW, hugs, Di xx

  10. I love the pen storage been thinking of getting it myself but keep buying shiny stuff instead. Perfect layout on the card and great colours too. Hugs, Amanda x

  11. Lovely card, very stylish. When I saw your Valentine cards initially, they looked as if they had happy smiley faces, just the thing to cheer us all up. xx Maggie #20

  12. A stunning card and brilliant pen storage.


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