Friday, January 4, 2013

Our First Card Get-Together of 2013

A quick note for the Wednesday Card Class Girls....and an apology for being soooo very slow.

I am so behind in posting these cards.  I've only made 5 kits and you may want to call Karen to see if there are any openings.  I think I'm getting lazy in my slightly older  than middle age!  Still keeping with the theme, keep the cards  pretty, but easier to mail at standard 1st Class fees.  I know the birthday card will fit the bill, the Valentine card may be another story.  In addition to the two cards, you'll be learning a super easy way to create an envelope for any size card.  I use this quite often as some of my shaped cards just don't fit standard envelopes. 

I guess I should get going.  Lots to do and I'm just in a mood to do little to nothing.  Might I add, I'm doing a wonderful job at both!

Have a wonderful weekend.....


  1. Both beautiful cards Mary.
    Happy relaxing day!

    Sarn xxx

  2. I like both of these cards. The sheer elegance of the Valentines card and the butterflies a d colours on the second. Hugs Mrs A.


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