Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Workdesk Wednesday And The Weeks Are Flying By!

My goodness, it's another Wednesday, where have the days between gone?  I've been working on mini albums, one for Christmas and a Halloween Album, both are finished and I'll share them when I've shown them to the recipients.  Until then....here's a card I worked on this morning.  It's made from the snippets left over after making the Christmas Album.  All the papers used in making the tree are CartaBella Christmas Day Collection.  The background is a beautiful pine green suede.  The border punch is EK Success and it's becoming a favorite.  Not just for Christmas, but I'm seeing tons of uses.  I die cut the pieces for the tree using Spellbinder rectangles both straight and scallop edge.  The scallop was cut using mirror gold.  The base of the card is Paper Accents Brown Bag.  Everything on this card, with the exception of the base is from snippets.  Have a look over at Di's blog and see the creative ways others are using their snippets, and check out all the fun things Di's been up to.  She's been one busy gal, but then what else is new, I'm not sure the woman ever sleeps!

I'm happy with my card, and the albums, but do you want to see the mess I created making them....You might want to be sitting down....
Oh, that's not the only mess.  When one place gets too messy to work, you have to find another spot...
and here's another  little problem I created.  Somewhere one of my dies is hiding.  I've checked the trash and all the normal places.  I'm hoping that the little die fairy will place it back on my now clean desk!  I'm sure it's somewhere hiding, I just haven't discovered where that hiding place might be!  Check out Julia's great blog, and if you have a minute check out some of the folks who bravely post their workdesks. 
Saturday Lesley from CartaBella is coming to Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, I'm REALLY looking forward to the layout and the cards.  I'm also looking forward to having a man teaching us gals.  Karen says he's entertaining and very knowledgeable....and there will be prizes and yummy treats.  What better way to spend a Saturday....I think there are some spaces available if you want to come and play.  Give Karen a call.  Check out her blog to see what we'll be making.  Check it out here

Shhhhh don't tell anyone, but Karen got her long awaited shipment of Memory Box dies.  I'll be selling pencils and apples on a street corner to support my Memory Box habit!  I absolutely love them. 

Before I forget, and at my age (slightly over 21, by 4 decades) that comes easy...ok... I love Fiskars products and especially the cutters.  I was having a problem with my cutter and I contacted Nikki from Fiskars.  She promptly responded, and settled my problem quickly.  Thank you Nikki and thank you Fiskars. 

I don't want my blog to sound like an ad for paper and tool manufactures....I just get soooo excited when I can share the products I love, with fellow bloggers.  If I get too preachie...please let me know...

Ok...putting my soap box away and I'm shortly heading off to bed. 

Have a most wonderful and creative week.  I'm sure I'll e-see you very soon. 

Hugs to all,



  1. Hi Mary,

    Your card is very nice! Why is that card making makes such a mess?!? I hope your die shows up.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #18

  2. That card is great! And I love those Memory Box dies too. Isn't it awful when you lose something like that? Hope it turns up!
    Happy WOYWW, RosA # 27

  3. Thanks for your kind comment! Much appreciated!

  4. Desk looks tidy to me! Hope the missing die turns up soon its annoying when they go wandering off isnt it! Enjoy the class on Saturday too. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl no. 57

  5. Nice CREATIVE spaces you have their Mary. Happy WOYWW. Have a great rest of the week and a lovely weekend.

    Sarn xxx

  6. Fabulous card Mary! Love the colors and design! Hope your die turns up. After spending an entire day looking for a new SB die I found it on the sleeve of my sweater. Seems the adhesive residue from the packaging was strong enough to hold it there all day.

  7. Hello!

    That is quite a mess you have created - but I know that the mini albums are wonderful as your card is great! :<)I love the idea of using the scraps this way! I will have to remember this! Wishing you some sunshine today!


    Barbara Diane

  8. I'm feeling real comfortable around the WOYWW I thought I had to much, too many work stations and crazy for keeping scraps but it all makes sense know I just had to find a club! Tamika #124

  9. Its so annoying when things go missing - hope your dies turn up soon.
    Bernice #80

  10. Lovely card Mary and it was well worth the mess making. Hope it didn't take you too long to tidy round?

    Happy WOYWW xx

  11. Oh I do like this snippet card. Lovely & creative use with this rectangles die. I should really put my area & desk on WOYWW, and nobody else would ever refer to their 'messy' after seeing MY messy! I have not been that brave as yet. Can identify with your lost S/B. I go thru that all the time, and the reason: Cause everything is so cluttered!!! Thanks for sharing a beautiful card. Sure didn't look like a 'snippet' card, but a creative work of art!!! Hugs

  12. That's not a mess--that's evidence of creativity! I have the same thing going on in my Stamping Tower...oh, and the kitchen...and sometimes the family room...and even the car (but I cleaned that out last weekend.) So glad I'm not the only one reduced to stamping in a space the size of a card on my 6-foot table...

  13. That is not messy! I guess I must get better about taking pictures in the middle of my creative insanity and not after I've cleaned up or completed the project lol!
    Angie #114

  14. Love your 'square' Christmas tree... love your creative travelling from desk to desk, but given I can lose things on just one workdesk, I can imagine the problem! Glad to hear Fiskars gave good service - nice when a company makes an effort. Belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  15. Gorgeous card Mary - just perfect in fact. Hope that die turned up OK. I'm paranoid about small dies and teeny little clear single letter stamps - so easy to mislay and have lost count of the times I've had the waste bin upended only to find something has slipped under my glass cutting mat which has little feet on it - have you looked there?! Hugs, Di xx

  16. Hope you find your die...i lose things too...It is so annoying, isn't it!
    Your snippets card is lovely! Good use for all those little leftover bits.

  17. Hello Mary, haven't popped in for a week!! Love that card, great idea, the deckle cut looks like postage stamps. Hope you've found the die by now? I lost a small cling stamp in May and I've never found it, which is a shame as I really liked it! Nice to hear you got good service from Fiskars, a rarity these days.



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