Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Happy Birth Day!

Good morning.....It's my day to post on the Poppystamps Blog page, I'm showing you the inside of my card.  If you want to see the outside check it out on the Poppystamps Blog Page.  Today there is something special happening, actually it's been happening since's a BLOG BLITZ! Every day, twice actually, you have a chance to win a die.  I'm not going to tell you or show you the die I'm offering, you'll have to check it out on the PoppyStamps Blog Page!

This card was easy, easy and could be made in any three color combinations, and a great way to use scraps, it was totally made from scraps.  I love the front of this card and the Poppystamps dies from the newest release are perfect and I know I'll be using them often!

Before I close....I want to thank everyone for the emails I've been receiving.  It's nice to know I am
missed.  I must admit I've been a bit absent.  A bit of a shoulder issue and the doctor says I maybe should take it easy for a bit.  Actually he said I should craft without looking down.  Hmmmm, he obviously has never been a crafter!  So, I shall not be present often for the next few months.  I do have a few cards that I'm working on, and I'll post them when they are finished.  Shhhh, don't tell my doctor!

Until next time.....Happy crafting, Hugs from my world to yours,
Mary Mac

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Damon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAMON!  My oldest is having a birthday.  I won't give his age as he might comment with mine!  I always have a problem creating cards for boys and men.  I purchased this card stock quite some time ago.  I loved it when I bought it, and then couldn't decide what to make with it. Recently, I was at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique  and saw this anchor die (Spellbinder Inspire).  Everything clicked....and I knew exactly what I would create for my son.

I die cut the Happy Birthday (Poppystamps) and the anchor.  I cut them on a mirror silver card stock and I didn't like how shiny it was.  It made the anchor look too new.  So, I dabbed clear pigment ink on the dies and covered them with a thick silver embossing powder.  Heated them and this is the result.  I like it!  I used a collection of Fabscraps papers and I love them.  Sadly, I've looked everywhere and I can't find this collection.  I think everyone must have liked it as much as I did.  I used tiny jewels and some clear dots and the front of this card is finished.

I saw this format on Splitcoast Stampers.  A very talented gal named Norma Lee created some cards using this format.   This is what I made.

This is a time consuming card, but one I'm sure will be in my favorites for 2015.  See the coin bits?  I have no idea whose dies these are, but you emboss first and then die cut.  I then inked the papers to get this coin color.  The pieces I used for decoration are all from the paper collection.  More tiny jewels, which my friend Brenda gifted me some time back....thank you Brenda.

Ok....I was gifted with three sons and a daughter.  When I saw this paper, there was a graphic that I knew I had to use.  Normally the back of my cards only have info about me and how to contact me.  When I saw the graphic, I knew I needed to use goes ladies...Meet my three sons!

I'm sure my sons will be pleased with this.  Knowing that people don't always look at the back of cards, I added a raised clear dot so hopefully Damon will wonder what got stuck to the back and have a look.  

Time to get busy chasing dust bunnies.....I've been a bit lax of late.  My dust bunnies have multiplied and it's time to chase them down.  So until next time.....

Happy Crafting, Hugs from my world to yours.  
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's A Banner Birthday and a Blog Blitz

Before I get too excited, I want to tell you about the Blog Blitz going on over at Poppystamps.  I hope you check it out as there are PRIZES.  And today I got to pick one to give away.  I picked the Happy Birthday Banner Flags and I've got to tell you......I love it.

If you want to see more you are just going to have to head over to the Poppystamps Blog Page.  To enter you need to leave a comment on that page.  So when you're there, don't forget to comment.

I really enjoyed making this card and the new Poppystamps dies were really fun to work with.  The balloons are the sweetest ones I've seen.  The Hearts and Stars Wrap will have tons of uses.  This first release of 2015 has so many great dies.  I had a hard time deciding which ones I had to have.....I'm glad I chose these.

Until next time,
Hugs from my world to yours,
Mary Mac

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Butterfly Hello

My goodness seems we plan for Christmas for months and then poof it's become a memory.  During the holiday season we reconnect with friends and family and I always intend to stay in close contact throughout the year.  The key word here is intend.  Seems my good intentions often fade away, much like my New Year's resolutions.  I am however starting this year on the positive side and I've finished a very easy card that is pretty, quick to make and it should post for just 1 first class stamp.

Today it's my day to post on the PoppyStamps Blog Page.  I hope you take a minute to hop over to see how I created this card.  Also, a little heads up...

Keep your eyes out for the Poppystamps Blog Blitz.  Lots of new dies, and as always, there are prizes to be won.

Until next time.....Hugs from me to you,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and My First Christmas Card of 2015

I know, stop groaning.  I'm putting Christmas decorations away, but you should know, I have a tradition.  I've been making my first card of the year on the first day of the year.  Been doing this for years.  So....ta is my first Christmas card of 2015.  I'm sharing on the Sparkles Christmas Challenge.  As always, there are prizes. 

This month's sponsors are......

These are two of my favorites....How about you?  Check it out on the Sparkles Christmas Challenge Blog.   My digi stamp is from Bugaboo....Isn't this a sweet little bear?  I think so.  My Christmas die is from Poppystamps.  I love this one. 

Well, enough from me.  I'm off to enjoy the day, which will be relaxing at home with my DH and my puppies and kitty.  I love this kind of day.  

Until later,  Happy New Year!  Thank you for following my crafting journey.  I look forward to a year filled with seeing all the wonderful things you are creating.  

Hugs from me to you.
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things.....


I was reminiscing as I looked through my cards of 2014.  I wanted to pick 10 of my very favorite ones.  Boy was that hard.  First of all, I couldn't believe how many I'd made, and then picking favorites was like asking which of my children or grandchildren were my favorite.  So, after much thought, these are a few of my favorite cards.  I hope you enjoy my trip through 2014....

These are not in any particular order......
I liked the background I created and the foliage.  And of course, yellow is my favorite color.
I'd assembled the teapot months before I'd created this card.  One day, I just knew the teapot needed beautiful paper to rest on.  The gold doily was given to me years and years ago by the sister-in-law of the woman I made the card for.
Layering these cards was great fun.  I think they made very pretty Easter Cards.
More layering here and I wanted to make something that could be seen through.  My daughter used this card as a decoration on her tree.
I made this card for my neighbor's birthday.  She's in the local chorus, so a  music theme was perfect.
I love creating inside a window.  It's like building a doll house.  Aren't the cake dies sweet?
This was another card filled with layering.  It was hard for me to part with this card.
Adding a background over this paper and then some foliage....yup another favorite.
Ever make a card you couldn't give away?  Well, this is that card.  I used it as a decoration on my mantel.  The battery candle was a special touch.  And now for #10....
This was an easy card to make, and it is one of my favorite cards.  Remember, I said I love yellow.

Well, I've shared my favorites.  I hope you do too.  Happy New Year everyone.  I look forward to seeing what everyone creates during this New Year!

Hugs from 2014, and more hugs as we enter 2015!
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy New Year!

From my home to yours.....HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

I love having a handmade calendar on my desk.  In this day of computer calendars, which I must say keep me on track, I do miss having a pretty calendar on my desk.  So, I make one.  I must have been thinking pink when I created this little beauty.  I'm keeping this calendar to remind me of birthdays.  I'm using sequins to remind me.

If you want to know how I made this calendar, I have the "how to's" on the Poppystamp Blog.   I hope you'll take a minute to check it out.  If you are interested in having a pdf of the mini-calendar sheets, email me and I'll send you one. 

Until next time......Happy New Year and I wish you and yours Health, Happiness, Love. May 2015 be filled with creativity and the joy creating brings.  See you again in 2015.

Hugs From My World to Yours,
Mary Mac
AKA:  Glitter Grammy